Module 3: Export Procedures

£125.00 plus VAT

(45 min – 1 hour)

Master the complexity of international shipping and ensure seamless delivery of your exports.

Building upon your foundational knowledge, Module 3 equips you with the skills to make strategic decisions regarding the transportation of your exports. We’ll delve deeper into logistics considerations, empowering you to navigate the complexities of international shipping with confidence.

Key Learning Areas:

·         Selecting the Optimal Transport Mode: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the diverse world of international transport options, including airfreight, ocean freight, and road transport. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of each mode to select the most cost-effective and efficient solution for your specific export needs.

·         Essential Export Documentation for Logistics: Move beyond foundational export documents. We’ll explore the intricacies of additional documentation required for specific shipping methods, ensuring a smooth and compliant logistics process.

·         Export Insurance: Mitigating Risk for Success: Discover how export insurance safeguards your business from unforeseen risks, such as damage or loss of goods during transportation. We’ll delve into different insurance options and guide you in selecting the most suitable coverage for your exports.

·         Navigating Hazardous Goods Regulations: Ensure the safe and compliant transportation of hazardous materials by understanding the relevant regulations and requirements. Learn how to properly classify, package, and label hazardous goods to avoid potential delays or penalties.

·         Demystifying Rules of Origin: Gain clarity on the concept of “Rules of Origin” and their role in determining applicable duties and trade agreements. We’ll explain how to identify the country of origin for your products and ensure compliance with international trade regulations.

·         Long-Term Suppliers Declaration Explained: Explore the purpose and procedures associated with the Long-Term Suppliers Declaration (LTSD). We’ll guide you through understanding when an LTSD is required and how to complete it accurately for streamlined export transactions.

Module Completion Benefits:

·         Make Informed Transport Decisions: Confidently choose the most efficient and cost-effective transportation method for your specific export needs.

·         Navigate Logistics Documentation with Ease: Gain a comprehensive understanding of essential documents required for various shipping methods.

·         Protect Your Business with Export Insurance: Learn how to mitigate risks associated with international shipping through export insurance.

·         Ensure Safe and Compliant Transport of Hazardous Materials: Understand relevant regulations and navigate the safe and compliant transportation of hazardous goods.

·         Compliance with Rules of Origin: Understand the concept of “Rules of Origin” and ensure your products meet trade agreement requirements.

·         Utilise the Long-Term Suppliers Declaration Effectively: Learn when and how to utilize the LTSD to streamline your export transactions.

By mastering these diverse logistics considerations, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the complexities of international shipping and deliver your products to your global customers efficiently and securely.

Join us as we continue your journey towards becoming a successful exporter!

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