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Embark on an enriching journey of expertise and practical skills with our tailored education workshops and training courses, strategically designed to empower individuals and businesses navigating the dynamic landscape of international trade. Whether you’re a global entrepreneur, a startup enthusiast, or aspiring to join the workforce of an international trade company, our workshops offer a transformative learning experience.

In collaboration with prestigious chambers of commerce such as Cambridge, Essex, and Lincolnshire, we provide a unique pathway for clients to attain British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) accreditation, enhancing their professional credentials with a recognised trade qualification. Our commitment to excellence is evident through our extensive track record of delivering international trade courses for renowned institutions, including the Institute of Export and International Trade. We’ve extended our impact internationally, collaborating with Trade Ireland in both Northern Ireland and the Republic Of Ireland, and contributing our expertise to the ICC Academy in Switzerland and Qatar.

Having successfully trained thousands of delegates, our educational programs have garnered positive feedback, underscoring the effectiveness and impact of our workshops and training courses. Our offerings span a spectrum of topics, ranging from fundamental principles to advanced strategies in import-export trade, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Acknowledging the diverse needs of our clients, we provide bespoke training workshops, tailoring the learning experience to specific requirements. This bespoke approach ensures maximum value and relevance, allowing participants to customise their educational journey. Furthermore, our online workshops, accessible through platforms like Zoom or Teams, cater to groups ranging from 4 to 25 delegates, offering flexibility in professional development.

Join our academy and unlock the doors to success in international trade. With our comprehensive training courses, trade qualifications, bespoke training workshops, and expertise, your competitive advantage is forged in the crucible of our experience and commitment to empowering individuals and businesses in the global arena.

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training courses

Our training workshops will quickly teach you the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the import-export trade and give you a competitive advantage.

Workshop meeting

bespoke training workshops

We can design & prepare half-day or full-day bespoke training for you, handpicked from any of our course content.

International Workshop

international trade qualification

Our new International Trade Qualification Programme, offering three certification levels.

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Hands-on Support for Global Growth through Training and Education. Through our training and education workshops, we give you the tools and understanding to navigate your Export/Import journey

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Beyond advice, Export Unlocked provides hands-on support for every facet of your export journey. We're not just consultants; we're partners in your success. Whether you're a seasoned exporter or just starting out, we tailor our assistance to your specific needs and goals.

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