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Export Unlocked have over 30 years experience in all areas of Exporting / Importing / Customs / Warehousing / Logistics / Documentation.

We have realised the need for Businesses in need of support with all areas of Brexit Issues, Bureaucracy, Documentation, Supply Chain, and Application support.

Monthly Support Packages

Warehouse accounting and bookkeeping.


2 hours a month on any enquiry
£395 per Month (12 months Minimum)

Optimizing Delivery: Boxes Packed and Loaded onto a Large Truck outside the Warehouse, Generative AI


4 hours per Month on any enquiry
£595 per Month (12 months minimum )

Warehouse managers and worker talking


8 hours per Month on any enquiry
£995 per month (6 months minimum )

With our Gold package you will get a choice of an Import or Export Procedure Manual as part of your package.

If you require ad-hoc support we offer 1-hour and 2-hour one-off support options. Click the link below for more information.

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Here is a list of areas we will cover:

Staff managing warehouse logistics in an on-site office

1. Customs Documentation:

  • Import and export declarations

  • Tariff classification and duty calculations

  • Customs valuation and origin requirements

  • Customs clearance procedures

  • Customized duty minimization strategies

  • Compliance with import and export regulations

  • Management of customs audits and inquiries

Aerial top view container cargo ship, Business logistic and transportation of International by ship in the open sea.

2. Export Documentation:

  • Preparation of commercial invoices and packing lists

  • Export control compliance

  • Export declaration forms

  • Certificates of origin and origin declarations

  • Letter of credit documentation

  • Export documentation recordkeeping and filing

Custom inspection process, medium shot of officers meticulously checking imported goods, emphasizing the scrutiny and formalities required for global trade.

3. Import Documentation:

  • Import licenses and permits

  • Import declaration forms (e.g., C88,CDS, Entry Summary)

  • Commercial invoices and purchase orders

  • Bills of lading and airway bills

  • Import licenses and regulations compliance

  • Import duty and tax calculations

  • Recordkeeping for import documentation

Warehouse managers and worker talking

4. Checking SAD/ CDS Forms:

  • Verification of data accuracy and completeness on Single Administrative Document (SAD) forms

  • Cross-referencing supporting documents with the SAD form

  • Ensuring the correct application of customs procedures

  • Compliance with customs tariff codes and values

  • Reviewing shipping and payment terms

5. Checking CDS Entries:

  • Reviewing Customs Declaration System (CDS) entries for accuracy and completeness

  • Validating data against shipment details and documentation

  • Confirming proper tariff classification and valuation

  • Ensuring compliance with import and export controls

  • Verifying payment of duties and taxes

  • Identifying and resolving any discrepancies or errors

Optimizing Delivery: Boxes Packed and Loaded onto a Large Truck outside the Warehouse, Generative AI

Please note that Export Unlocked offers comprehensive assistance in these areas, providing expert guidance and support in navigating the complexities of customs and export/import documentation requirements.

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