Level 4 International Trade Qualifications

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Our new International Trade Qualification Programme, offering three certification levels: diploma, certificate, and award. Tailor you’re learning by choosing from one, two, five, or all 15 modules. Completing all 15 modules and assessments a  Certification level 4 Diploma is possible, with each module earning a credit. Accumulate 13 credits for a certification Level 4 International Trade Qualification

All modules are conveniently online, fostering a comfortable learning environment for your global trade journey. Benefit from regular blogs and a dedicated help desk, providing support throughout your learning experience. Explore more details below. Embark on your path to excellence in global trade! If you just want to attend an individual module that’s ok.

Unlock your potential with the Export Unlocked Academy’s Level 4 International Trade Qualification Programme. This comprehensive Certification equips you with practical skills and knowledge in international trade, logistics, and import/export.

In just 7 to 24 months, delve into diverse topics such as International Trade, Supply Chain Management, Exporting and Importing, International Strategy, Customs Procedures and Warehousing, and Logistics and Supply Chain Sustainability.

This investment in your future empowers you to gain a competitive edge, advance your career, and expand your professional network by connecting with industry professionals for collaborative opportunities. Join today and shape a successful path in the dynamic world of international trade.

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Qualification Options:


Level 4 Diploma

A comprehensive programme covering essential international trade topics for career advancement.


Level 4 Certificate

Focused on key aspects of global trade, ideal for professionals seeking specialisation.


Level 4 Award

A concise introduction to the fundamentals of international trade, perfect for beginners.

Our comprehensive program includes 15 modules, 6 assessments covering international trade essentials like marketing, supply chain, legalities, culture, risk management and Sustainability.

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Export Unlocked education

Choose from a variety of 15 modules. This comprehensive programme covers a diverse range of topics within international trade, logistics and supply chain.

Export Unlocked education

Customise your learning experience with individual modules or bundle up and save with our package deals.

Export Unlocked education

Video modules are available, where you can learn at your own pace. Modules are taught live and online.


Export Unlocked education

Each module takes four hours to complete and covers all aspects of exporting or importing.

Export Unlocked education

Upon completion, you will be awarded a Level 4 Diploma, a valuable credential showcasing your international trade expertise.

Export Unlocked education

Get certified in as little as seven months or take up to two years to complete. The choice is yours!

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Warehouse accounting and bookkeeping.
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Empower Your Global Commerce Journey with Our Training Workshops

Seeking to expand your expertise in international trade? Look no further. Dive into our immersive training workshops, where industry experts and seasoned professionals guide you through diverse facets of global commerce. From market analysis and export documentation to supply chain management and tariff regulations, our workshops offer a comprehensive learning experience.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned professional, or simply curious about the global marketplace, our training workshops provide valuable insights to unlock new opportunities and propel your career forward. Seize the chance to make significant strides in the realm of international trade—sign up for one of our workshops today!

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