Module 1: Export Procedures

£125.00 plus VAT

(45 min – 1 hour)

Lay the groundwork for successful global expansion.

This foundational module equips you with the essential knowledge and strategies to navigate the exciting world of exporting. Through interactive lessons and practical examples, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of core exporting principles and processes.

Key Learning Areas:

·         Harnessing the Power of Export: Explore the numerous benefits of exporting, including expanding your customer base, diversifying revenue streams, and elevating your brand reputation on a global scale.

·         Building a Winning Export Strategy: Learn market research techniques to identify high-potential markets. Analyze product suitability and conduct competitor analyses to strategically position your offerings for international success.

·         Mastering the Export Process: Gain clarity on all stages, from crafting competitive quotations to navigating customs procedures and managing international logistics.

·         Selecting Suitable Payment Methods: Understand secure international payment options like letters of credit, documentary collections, and open account terms to ensure smooth and secure transactions.

Module Completion Benefits:

·         Clearly define exporting and articulate its potential benefits.

·         Develop a data-driven export strategy.

·         Navigate the entire export process with confidence.

·         Select the most appropriate international payment method for your business needs.

This module serves as the cornerstone of your export journey. Subsequent modules will delve deeper into market research strategies, identifying potential customers, and navigating international logistics.

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