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Introducing UAE Unlocked

Richard from Export Unlocked & Mahesh Patel from Melrose Consultancy have worked together for over 25 years within the International markets. They have decided to team up to create an exciting new initiative to support businesses in finding export opportunities for goods or services in the UAE.

The initiative will not only assist in discovering routes to market but more importantly give clients an overview of the risks, challenges and barriers to entry.

Expanding to the vibrant and dynamic UAE market can be an exciting opportunity, but navigating its complexities requires experienced guidance. That’s where Export Unlocked and our new partner, Dubai-based Melrose Consultancy come into play. Our comprehensive services provide invaluable insights and hands-on support to ensure your investment into UAE is a success and mitigates any risk factors.

unlocking market insights

  • Sector Landscape: Gain a thorough understanding of the UAE’s economic landscape, key industries, and consumer trends relevant to your products or services.
  • Competitor Analysis: Identify your major competitors, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategies to differentiate your offerings.
  • Barriers to Entry: Understand potential regulatory hurdles, cultural considerations, and distribution bottlenecks, and learn how to overcome them effectively.
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Pricing for Profit

  • Pricing Analysis: We’ll help you determine optimal pricing strategies that consider local market dynamics, competitor pricing, and your profit margins.
  • Landed Cost Analysis: We’ll provide a clear picture of your final product cost in the UAE, accounting for transportation, customs duties, and other logistical expenses.

Charting Your Path to Market

  • Routes to Market: Explore various distribution channels, such as direct sales, distributors, partnerships, and e-commerce platforms, and identify the most efficient route for your specific needs.

Mitigating Risks and Challenges

  • Market Risks: We’ll analyze potential economic shifts, regulatory changes, and cultural considerations that could impact your market entry and ongoing operations.
  • Currency Impact: Understand the potential impacts of foreign exchange fluctuations on your pricing and overall profitability.
  • Supply Chain Solutions: Secure reliable and cost-effective supply chain solutions that ensure timely product delivery and minimize logistical disruptions.
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Building Local Connections

  • Identifying Partners: We’ll help you connect with trusted service providers, retailers, agents, and distributors who can expand your reach and market penetration.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Receive expert guidance on obtaining necessary trade licenses, complying with relevant regulations, and navigating any required UAE government approvals.

Protecting Your Assets

  • Intellectual Property Protection: Learn about UAE’s intellectual property laws and regulations, and implement strategies to protect your trademarks, patents, and designs.

Establishing a Local Presence

  • Local Representation: We can assist you in setting up a local representative office, subsidiary, or stand-alone structure in the UAE, including providing support with banking and legal requirements.
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