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All traders/companies that are currently involved in the movement of any products/goods into or out of the UK will be required to complete both import & export customs declarations in a post-Brexit environment. This will mean that your business, when importing goods, will be responsible for payments of customs duties and/or VAT.

These declarations will be subject to post-clearance audit by HMRC, irrespective of the origin/destination.

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Commensurate with your business activities, we can offer a full review on your current/potential customs exposure and advise of relevant procedures (SOP’s) that are considered fit for purpose to ensure that you are compliant under the HMRC rules & regulations.

We can offer to examine and review your supply chains with associated contracts/Incoterms to ensure that they are fit for purpose for your specific business sector. 

Some traders may not be aware of the various Customs Authorisations and Free Trade Agreements that are available which can help to reduce and some cases mitigate customs duties and/or VAT. We can advise on the various schemes that are available and determine whether or not you could qualify to entitlement. We can also explain the protocols and procedures involved and provide assistance in the pursuance of the respective Customs Authorisations.

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The sourcing and assembly of a variety of documents are key and vital to ensure that you have the required preparation in place to enable legal & meaningful customs declarations to be completed, to ensure that your consignments don’t incur any unnecessary delays from customs interventions. In this respect, we can talk you through the various stages of how best to have robust systems in place.

Ongoing monitoring & reviewing of the information contained on a customs declaration is key to compliance and we currently carry out these services for a variety of importers/exporters.

All traders involved in import/export activities, will be subject to customs audits, and in this regard, it is imperative that you are aware of your legal obligations to ensure that you have the necessary systems in place in the event of having to undergo a customs audit by HMRC. We can offer & conduct pre-audit checks and give guidance of what is involved in the preparation of an audit. 

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