CDS: New Customs for Exports/Imports

Are you a customs agent? Or does your company use customs agents and intermediaries to help you trade with the EU and the Rest of the World? If so, you need to know how to meet customs requirements fast and efficiently now the new customs declaration system CDS is in place. We can help.

Sustainability in Supply Chain

Module 15
This module aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the impact of freight movement on the environment and the opportunities available to organisations to use sustainable options.

Import Procedures & Documentation

This course covers import documentation and procedures, commercial considerations, the importance of your purchase order, calculating VAT and duty, and how to reduce import customs clearance delays.

Export Procedures & Documentation

International markets offer huge Export opportunities for UK businesses. Finding and developing new markets for products is a hugely valuable avenue for expansion and in some sectors in particular, global demand for British brands and products makes international trade an excellent means of growth.

Logistics, Agents & Distributors

Logistics for Traders: Importance, Role and Benefits. This session will look at how logistics is a critical component within the supply chain but is often overlooked.

Customs Procedures & Documentation

This course looks at the procedures required to deal with customs.

It is vitally important that importers and exporters understand the information required to be submitted.

International Trade

Module 1
This module aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the development and importance of international trade. The module explores the UK’s international trade strategy and its implementation.

Understanding Rules of Origin

This course will explain all aspects of the rules of origin and trade agreements and how to understand and comply with them to help companies be more competitive in export markets.

Supply Chain

Module 2
This module aims to develop an understanding of supply chain management in international trade. This includes defining supply chain management, the relationship between supply chain and logistics, effective supply chain planning and responding to problems and issues associated with international trade.

Creating an International Strategy

Module 3
This module aims to develop knowledge and understanding as to how an organisation develops an international trade strategy. It includes establishing export goals, undertaking research into potential markets, developing an international pricing strategy, investigating shipping and logistics, marketing and promotion, documentation, distribution and review and monitoring.